Friday, 15 August 2014

Summer Collection is in!!

Check out our online store and dance the summer away in style!
Made to Order and Shipping worldwide!!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My first collection is online!

HIDDEN is a small collection that is made to order. 
To check it out go to

A small business starting small with big dreams!

Special Thanks to:

Matt Hui @ Sugar Sugar Productions for your fantastic photography
Dora Chan for her lovely make up
Keith Liu for his awesome hair
Bronwyn Jolley for being a fabulous model
and Benjamin Youd for his brilliant branding/graphics

Love you all!! xx

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bubble Dancer Dresses!

Here are some belated pics of my costumes for the Swiss Re HK 150years party.
Yes, these girls are dancing in bubbles, yes the bubbles are also filled with confetti and yes the bubbles are floating on a swimming pool!!
Only with BPM Dance productions!
Dresses are white silk chiffon on top of silver sequins with pink satin side detail.
Photos by Ali @

Monday, 27 May 2013

GEM XXX Live Concert - Car Crash Cyborgs

Tyres screeching, air filled with smoke, all goes dark and suddenly.........
the GEM XXX Live Car Crash Cyborgs come out!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Car Crash Cool!

The making of GEM XXX Live Concert Poster Costume.
Using real tyres and oil!

The crew that made it happen!

The shoot was from 12 midnight to 6am! Crazy hours, totally worth it! Fantastic poster and amazing team!

Black Storm Inspiration!

Today's black storm meant hiding at home and finally getting back to my blog!
Its been so long and so many things have happened!
I have been looking back and sorting all my photos and so you will see many memory montages coming soon.
But I really want to start with my most recent exciting project! GEM XXX Live Concert!!
So keep watching and I will be posting lots of pics from the months before, making her costumes, to show time back stage and onstage pics!
Keep checking!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fairytale MiraMall

Another costume project from BPM Dance Productions!
This time the brief was Fairytale Fashion. They wanted Cinderella, Snow whites in white and black and Red Riding Hood!
The client was Miramar TST for their grand opening of MiraMall.

Here are the designs I started with. The idea was to make the costumes more fashion and less costume but still keeping the vibe of the characters. A fun challenge!

Also the fabric requests were simple, you can use anything except satin. Definitely no satin.
So I used a mixture of chiffon, silk, silk cotton and cotton span jersey.

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf:



Snow White and Snow Black:

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Welcome to the Moulin Rouge!

My Latest project from BPM Dance Productions!

Dancers ready to go on! Photograph by Christine Ritter
The brief: we need sexy Moulin Rouge inspired bikini type outfits with big big head pieces and lots of feathers.

What a great brief!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Styling GEM for the Secret Itunes x Jason Mraz HK Event

Last Wednesday itunes held a secret event to launch the new Hong Kong itunes!
The event was a mini Jason Mraz concert and our lovely GEM was asked to duet with Jason to sing his famous song Lucky. So of course as GEM's stylist I got to go back stage to help her get ready for the show. And I am proud to say she looked gorgeous!

The event was fantastic, great music, great atmosphere, really good show!

Then it was back stage to congratulate all.

Super excited to meet Jason, a very nice down to earth guy! When GEM handed him a copy of her new Xposed album he looked through it very carefully and turned to me and said "is this your work Emma? It looks great."
Wow, so nice to hear! Not only did he remember my name but he likes my work!! Yeah!

For those nice words, and because as a stylist I couldn't resist the urge, I tucked in his tshirt label that was dangling out the back of his neck. :0) It was the least I could do!

The Wedding Dress Challenge from Kerry!

My first ever Wedding Dress and hopefully not my last! What a great experience, a lovely client and a fantastic challenge!!

The first time I met Kerry Tsang, was at our very first meeting about costumes for her company BPM Dance Productions, and at the end of the meeting she casually asked me "also, will you make my wedding dress?"
She had no idea of my design and sewing skills, nothing! Very brave!!
I of course said a very excited YES and almost a year later here she is in the finished dress looking beautiful on her Wedding day!!